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What is Avra?

A free personalized affirmation app designed to enhance your well-being and embrace a more positive mindset. Transform your daily life with positive affirmations.

How does it work?
  1. Create Collections to organize your goals and aspirations

  2. Create personalized reminders and affirmations, delivered at your pace and schedule.

  3. Interact with the community and explore tons of affirmations and collections created by fellow users and featured partners.

How much does Avra cost?

Avra Core is free.

Avra Pro is $19.99/year for unlimited affirmations.

What makes Avra different?

Community Driven Avra thrives on community, where personal growth is nurtured through shared experiences, support, and collaboration.

User Focused Avra stands out with its user-centric mission, prioritizing user well-being and avoiding intrusive and disruptive practices.

Balanced Approach Avra's approach integrates mind, body, and soul, guiding you towards a balanced and fulfilling life journey.

What are other apps like Avra doing?

Other apps in the space often fall short by neglecting the entire lifecycle of individuals seeking personal growth and instead employ profit-centric practices. Other apps lack a sense of community and well-being for their users.

Is my data secure with Avra ?

Avra collects only essential user data, such as email addresses for account creation and basic user information required to provide our services effectively. We do not engage in intrusive data collection practices.

How can I get in touch with Avra's support team?

For inquiries, support, or any questions you may have, you can contact Avra Core's support team: avra.inquiry@gmail.com

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