About Us

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Avra was made to help individuals looking to make a positive change in their life but are unsure how to begin. With Avra, you can take that first step and start a journey that will stay with you forever.

In Hebrew, “Avra” can be a variant of the name “Avrah,” which means “to cross over” or “to pass through.” It is often associated with the biblical story of Abraham, who was called to “cross over” from his homeland to a new land. It symbolizes a journey or transition.

At Avra, we believe that anyone and everyone has the potential to achieve their desired change.

Transformation can be decided by a number of variables that can be categorized under three distinct planes or dimensions: Mind, Body, and Soul.

The Mind is a special place, it is infinitely powerful in that it can do or be anything it sets its intention toward. The mind can be grown and nurtured, it can also be broken beyond recognition. This is the duality of the mind. It is a direct product of the environment it lives and operates in.

The Body covers all matters of our physical world, how we eat together, play and treat each other all operate under the physical plane. It is the first plane that is recognizable and operated under in every societal aspect of our lives as human beings, but because of its direct tether to us it can easily be manipulated, and taken advantage of. We are witnesses to the injustices and fairness around the world every single day, this is the strength and might of the physical dimension.

The Soul is the most peculiar of the three dimensions, it cannot be observed by any form of science. It can only be felt and witnessed, it is a mystery as to why we feel the way we do, and how we can be affected. Right now there are more questions than answers for us, but if we guide and err on the side of positivity and goodness, we can witness and feel something outside of ourselves. It is a feeling of upliftment and renewal, a feeling of joy and leads you towards a balanced and fulfilling life journey.

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