3️⃣How to create an Affirmation

A Free Personalized Affirmation App - Built for you

0️⃣ Home Screen or Collection Screen

On the bottom right of the home screen or your collection screen ➡ tap the purple ➡ Add/+ Affirmation button.

1️⃣ Type Affirmation

Type the custom affirmation in the text box

2️⃣ Select Time

Select the time you would to receive the affirmation ➡ Save

3️⃣ Select Frequency

Choose the frequency you would like to receive the affirmation ➡ Save

4️⃣ Organize to Collection

Select the collection you would like to add the affirmation too

5️⃣ Save Affirmation

6️⃣ Delete Affirmation

Swipe left on the affirmation to delete

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